Whole and Vulnerable

When I am weak, than I am strong.

I believe in a God of vulnerability, a deity who chose great love and grace instead of power. My faith rests on One so courageous that He emptied himself completely, drained to the dregs of human life, and died. This truth is based, not on human wisdom or strength, but on a life of wholeness that recognizes and welcomes a human need to be loved by God.

We are beloved. God’s favor rests on us as it did on Jesus. We are being saved not based on merit but on God’s choice. He chose us long before we chose Him. He stands at the door and knocks. He waits. God will not force Himself upon us. Our choice is to open the door or not.

We are most vulnerable when we realize that God loves and recognizes us as whole people, the good and the bad. We would like to be content and strong on our own. The lie is that strength seems courageous. Real courage is in acknowledging our idols, those things we cherish in life more than God. Idols call us to turn inward and to solve our own problems. Understanding our weakness, leading with it as we connect with God and others, is the the true path through difficulties.

Problems are best engaged with vulnerability. We must be present to all that we are, whole persons, both the good and the terrible. Wholeness is the starting place for recovering God’s image in us. We can’t offer God our goodness, and expect Him to be impressed. However, offering Him our brokenness is the way to being whole and complete, lacking nothing.

Our brokenness connects us to God. We don’t move out of our brokenness. God moves into it. Our failures connect us to each other.

Leading with our weakness takes courage. God’s vulnerability teaches us this. Without Christ, we are nothing and Jesus was courageously vulnerable. He did not hang on to the power that was rightly His. He released it. He freely gave it away. When we lead with our weakness, then we are strong. When we are vulnerable in relationship, then we are whole and complete, lacking nothing.

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