Step One

We travel any path better when we travel together.

I read my story of addiction to the fellowship today. It was not that hard in the moment to get through it, but when I listened to the responses, one of the only times that meetings allow cross talk, I was reminded how shocking my story is to those who are hearing it for the first time.

I was completely honest about my character defects. My acting out stems from my lack of self-confidence and my inability to “feel” manly. I’m not effeminate, but I do wish I had the constitution of a stronger man and I mean that much more than simply being strong physically.

I was surprised that a number of the people present commented on how much courage it took to tell my particular story so well. This seemed to have to do with my ability to articulate various aspects of my addiction as well as that I had already shared much of my addictive behavior with my family.

I am fully known and accepted into the fellowship. My hope is that the wounds of addiction would continue to heal, that I will grow in recovery and be able to share my journey in a way that is helpful to others.

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