P.S. Two Paths Diverge, Part 2

I struggled a few days ago with my post on in His presence is fullness of joy. I forgot to mention one incident that I think captures the nuanced difference between happiness and joy. I was walking the other day and trying to wrap my head and heart around the nature of joy referenced in the line above. I was sort of trying to conjure up a joyful attitude, but it was a rainy day in Seattle – one of those fifty degree, dull gray, winter days with no leaves on the trees. Without thinking I stopped to let a car back into the street. The guy inside waved through the window and smiled. As he was driving away, he even rolled down his window and gave me a thumbs up. I felt a twinge of deep satisfaction and shouted “sure thing” as he drove down the street. I didn’t feel happy. I was cold and the dreary rain did not let up. But I did feel something that lightened my step a bit. Was that joy in His presence? Maybe.

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